Шаблон для opencart_v1.5.4.1 русский

Opencart v1.9.3.0 (OCE) Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition) Published : 04/05/2017Change Log: — News with extra features. — YouTube videos for products. — Split UK nations as Countries. — Better Image Class library. — PayM payment method. — Bug fixes. The modules for the homepage, and the backpages, aren’t displaying. I did a check for the $modules variable on the template files and the variable was returned null. Notes: Note: The product images are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the package. Opencart v1.9.2.0 (OCE) Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition) Published : 31/03/2017Change Log: — Admin themes improvements. — Stronger Session Class. — Bug fixes.


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