Y шаблон для цветочного gа

Lett. 100, 051112 (2012).14.Bratlie, K. M., Lee, H., Komvopoilos, K., Yang, P. & Somorjai, G. A. Platinum Nanoparticle shape effects on benzene hydrogenation selectivity. Development 133: 4211–4218. pmid:17021043 38. Yang J, So Han J, Yoon EK, Lee WS (2006) Evidence of an auxin signal pathway, microRNA167-ARF8-GH3, and its response to exogenous auxin in cultured rice cells. One is the enhancement of local electromagnetic fields due to the surface plasmon resonance in metals, and the other is the chemical enhancement that originates from the charge transfer between the molecule and the metal surface. Married three times, Ash had three children—Richard, Ben and Marylyn—by her first husband, J. Ben Rogers. ConclusionsA total of 57,962 assembled unigenes were obtained using Illumina sequencing technology, and 47,423 unigenes were annotated. DGE library analysis provided comprehensive, valuable information regarding the sex differentiation of flowers in J. curcas.

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